Welcome to Robert’s Review Time

How did you get here? Welcome to a site of different media reviews made by a manchild who stumbled into and has an interest of such things. This is where I share my thoughts for others who want just a basic understanding of what I have deep interest in. Links to the categories are at the top.

I occasionally review games after I beat them or have gotten far enough into. There is usually a single game review of my experience playing, and sometimes a 100% experience of said game later on showcasing my feats and struggles as I have collected/done everything.

These are reviews of recent movies you probably have seen at the movie theater just a while back. But occasionally, I may choose to review an older movie I have never seen before in my life.

Coming soon, I guess, would be other categories of media. Who knows what type I could review next? Books? Locations? I’ll figure it out one day.

Shoutout to a friend named Neppy who inspired me to design away on this site!